Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Stitching George Washington Update

Hello Everyone, Just wanted to post an update to post to keep everyone informed. 

Lisa has been working on the blog behind the scenes. She is doing a couple things. The first thing she is doing is preparing the bios and pictures to be uploaded. The second thing she is doing is working on a Stitching George Washington template for this new site.  We ask for patience as Lisa takes the time do this properly. There is 112 bios and pictures that range in different size and she is trying to make them all look uniform and professional before publishing them on our website.  Lisa has had couple family emergencies in the last week so she had to step away from the computer some; however, she is still working on the blog as she can. 

Heather took a few days off last week to go get her son for Summer vacation. She is back home now and will continue sorting the kits. So all continues in Stitching George Washington World. 


  1. I'd love to subscribe to your blog to receive the updates by email, but can't see a button or link to do it. Could you let me know how? I'd love to follow your progress on this amazing project.

  2. Do you need more backup stitchers? I'd like to be included in that list.

    1. Not sure if you got the email so I also wanted to reply here. Are you a part of our Facebook Group. If so please make a post in the group and we will add you to our back up list. If not please let me know.