Friday, July 7, 2017

Blog Construction

Changes have been made to our blog and there will continue to be some made over the next week or so. Please bare with us during the construction. 😀

Thank you! 

Time for an update!

 Heather has shipped 95 kits and has 13 more assigned to send out next week. Stitchers 1-21 who have their panels should also have their charts . Heather will continue to send charts to the assigned panels until she has them all sent out. 

Lisa has put a new blog template up and is prepping to start posting the bios soon. 

It wont be long and we will be announcing our start date. So exciting! 

Unfortunate news

When we started this project we opened it up to US stitchers and non US stitchers. We wanted our stitching family to unite and stitch this project.  At the end of May, with heavy hearts Heather and the admin team had to make a decision to pull non US stitchers.  

Customs implemented some changes regarding sending floss. Heather attempted several times to send the kits she kitted up to our non US stitchers. Each time she ran into issues with the floss in the kits. 

We also took into consideration what would happen if we actually managed to get the kits through customs miraculously and one of stitchers could not finish the project for any reason. Would we have the same issue trying to get the kit back to Heather?  

These were the two biggest factors involved in our decision. Our decision had nothing to do with not wanting anyone involved.  We wanted EVERYONE involved. So hopefully everyone understands why we had to make the decision we did. 


We have stitchers gridding their pieces of 

material in preparation of our start date.  

Instagram Page

We now have an Instagram page. Please feel free to add us by using the icon on the right side of the page under our picture or by clicking stitchinggeorgewashington. 🙂

Friday, May 26, 2017

Happy Memorial Day!

This weekend as you celebrate the long weekend with your family and friends please remember those who lost their lives for our freedom. 

Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day weekend. Please be responsible, if you drink have a designated driver.  

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Kit # 50 after delivery!

Here is kit #50 after delivery from Heather to Suzann Mack. 

Thank you Suzann for sharing your photos! 

Kit # 96 after delivery!

Here is kit #96 after delivery from Heather to Dawn an Russell Rice. 

Thank you Dawn and Russell for sharing your picture!!! 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Kit #2 after delivery

Here is kit #2 after delivery from Heather to April Alameda. 

Thank you April for sharing your picture! 

Kit # 29 after delivery

Just wanted to post a couple pictures of a kit after delivery. I hope to post more as I get the pictures. 

Here is kit #29 after delivery from Heather to Jessica Moore. 

Thank you Jessica for sharing pictures! 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a wonderful 2016 Holiday season and wish everyone a Happy New Year! 

Heather is working on redoing custom forms for the UK as apparently they did not like the way she filled them out the first time. Once these are done hopefully things will go smoothly and our UK stitchers will get their kits. Heather will also be working on sending out the pdf charts soon . 

I am making some changing to bios and may be asking people to redo them completely. Some of you might be asking why? Here is the answer to that. Most of the blogs were 3 and 4 paragraphs long if not longer. That takes up a lot of space as I have found out. There is no easy to get 112 bios posted on the blog that are that long. I have tried many times. We have also had stitchers leave and new ones take their place. With this said, I in process of deciding if I am going to have stitchers edit their bios or do new ones using a model I write. 

We are super excited that we will be starting our project soon. We will also have our ongoing blog to showcase our stitchers.