Friday, July 7, 2017

Unfortunate news

When we started this project we opened it up to US stitchers and non US stitchers. We wanted our stitching family to unite and stitch this project.  At the end of May, with heavy hearts Heather and the admin team had to make a decision to pull non US stitchers.  

Customs implemented some changes regarding sending floss. Heather attempted several times to send the kits she kitted up to our non US stitchers. Each time she ran into issues with the floss in the kits. 

We also took into consideration what would happen if we actually managed to get the kits through customs miraculously and one of stitchers could not finish the project for any reason. Would we have the same issue trying to get the kit back to Heather?  

These were the two biggest factors involved in our decision. Our decision had nothing to do with not wanting anyone involved.  We wanted EVERYONE involved. So hopefully everyone understands why we had to make the decision we did. 

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