About United Stitchers of America

United Stitchers of America is a group of stitchers from all over the United States brought together by a woman named Heather Russell from Oklahoma to share their love of the cross stitch art with those that love it, all around the world. Young and old alike enjoy this time honored needle-craft.
This diverse group of stitchers will try to make their own bit of world history by stitching a greater than life-size replica of a piece of U.S. History.
We will be attempting to set a Guinness Book World record for the largest “EVER” cross stitched piece!
Our inspiration…The painting of “Washington Crossing the Delaware.” The painting shows George Washington and his army crossing the Delaware River in December of 1776 during the American Revolutionary War.
The painting was created by Emanuel Leutze, a German American, in 1851. It was destroyed in 1942 during WWll. A second copy was done and today it is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Our piece may one day be in a museum as a work of art.
The painting from which we get our wondrous inspiration is 12ft 5in tall and 21ft 3in wide. Our creation will be 27.75ft wide by 17.75ft tall. It will have 112 separate panels sewn together, use 10073 skeins of floss in over 200 different colors, and have 10360 pages of chart not including the floss and stitch keys.
Follow us on this amazing journey into history. Get to know the stitchers by reading their bios as they are posted. Read along as we blog this extraordinary adventure, or if you too are a stitcher, come join us and take your place in history.
At this time we have estimated this project will take about 5 years from chart creation to finished piece, this is our tentative goal, as just as life goes on, life too, can and will sometimes get in the way of our goals. All of our stitchers will be doing this as time allows. Family, work, and other important events must come first, but let me tell you…it is gonna be one heck of a trip. Record or no, we will have fun, meet new people, and make memories that will span time.
Who knows, maybe we will all get together and stitch another piece of American History once this project is complete. the possibilities are as endless as our desire to stitch.

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